America's 'In-the-dark' Knight

According to Obama spokesman Jay Carney, Americans are expected to believe that the most powerful man in the free world is often kept "in the dark" by his staff and advisors from what most observers now consider highly important domestic and foreign issues. Issues that now brought into the light are shown to reach deep into almost every aspect of our freedoms and protections as American citizens. The same freedoms and protections that each and every American citizen expects to be upheld by not only their president, but every elected government representatives who swore an oath to do just that.    It's obvious from President Obama's response when confronted with questions regarding the problems with the IRS, the State Department and the Justice Department, that he gets his daily briefings from the paper boy and CNN and not from his trusted advisors and counsel. Evidently with regard to information needed to make crucial decisions and actually run the country, President...(Read Full Post)