Why was the Department of Homeland Security monitoring Tea Party IRS demonstrations?

What's so interesting about 60 tea partiers protesting the IRS in San Jose, California on Tuesday, May 21st?  The fact that this bit of information was conveyed to the protesters by a Department of Homeland Security officer who was also in attendance.

What was a DHS agent doing at the San Jose Tea Party protest?  Why aren't DHS officers protecting the homeland against foreign enemies armed with explosives and hate?  Perhaps because the Obama Administration is more worried about domestic "enemies" armed with the Constitution and love of country.

It gets scarier.

The DHS spy-babysitter-hall monitor informed the protesters that only a handful of Tea Partiers showed up to the San Francisco IRS office.  What's so significant about this statement?

Well, it tells us that Big Sis (aka Janet Napolitano) was not only watching Tea Partiers in San Jose but also in San Francisco!  WATCHING us!

As if that weren't scary enough, this will send shivers down your spine:

DHS Agent Man also let slip (or, conveniently leaked in an effort to intimidate) this juicy tidbit: San Jose had the largest turnout in all of California.


So they weren't just spying on us in San Jose and monitoring us in San Francisco, they were watching us throughout the entire state!  

(I bet Big Sis didn't deploy her agents to the Occupy Wall Street venues.)

It is further evidence of the Soviet style "War on Dissent" that this Administration would send out DHS agents to monitor Tea Party protests in the wake of scandals in which the Administration is under fire from left and right for singling out Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status; squashing the First Amendment rights of the little guy in an election year; spying on AP reporters in violation of their First Amendment press freedoms; and covering up the truth about Benghazi in a manner that makes Watergate look like Amateur Day.

One would think they would be just a bit more circumspect and maybe even exercise a modicum of restraint before dispersing KGB, I mean, DHS agents to free speech rallies protected under the Constitution.

The fact that they did this so blatantly despite the scrutiny they are under is symptomatic of a government on the verge of a constitutional breakdown -- a government that doesn't hesitate to bully the little guy while giving the Constitution the proverbial political finger.

If Obama thought for a second that the Tea Party was dead, he just did a good job of rousing the living dead and unleashing a "War on Tyranny" to his "War on Dissent."

How many political lives does this President have? How many times can his Administration -- State, DOJ, IRS, DHS -- stomp with a boot on the people and goose step all over the Constitution and get away with it?  When will average Americans realize that we aren't in Kansas anymore and face the disturbing reality that this government is more comfortable dishing out intimidation than ensuring liberty?

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