Al-Durah Myth Exploded

For more than a decade, the Al-Durah myth -- the supposed killing of a Palestinian boy by the IDF at the start of the second intifada -- has fueled Palestinian and Arab propaganda seeking to delegitimize the Jewish state. Now, belatedly, an Israeli review commission has concluded that, based on all the available evidence, the boy was NOT shot by the IDF and was not killed. Period. The damage to Israel, however, cannot be undone. Still, the review commission served an important function in reminding media not to swallow uncritically all the lies told by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. In the Al-Durah case, a French TV channel immediately ran with doctored tape purporting to show the last moments of al-Durah's life. The commission found the entire raw footage was omitted from the damaging report aired by France 2 and actually showed the 12-year-old boy alive at the end. Another damning part of the report notes that France's Channel 2 relied entirely on incomplete footage provided...(Read Full Post)