WaPo Rewrites History

The Washington Post, in an April 7 article by Anne Gearan, gives readers a preview of Secretary of State John Kerry's return visit to the Middle East amid low expectations for reviving the moribund peace process ("Kerry making a quick return visit to the Middle East -- Hopes of nudging Israel and Palestinians to resume direct talks" page A-20). In explaining why the two sides are too far apart for any major breakthroughs, Gearan seems intent on giving Palestinian leaders a pass, while showing no such reticence in assigning blame to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "As a practical matter," she writes, "peace is much harder to make now than it was when Bill Clinton came close to a deal with Israel and Yasser Arafat, then head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, in 2000." No mention that then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Arafat a Palestinian state on all of Gaza, 95 percent of the West Bank, plus all Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, only to have Arafat reject...(Read Full Post)