The Brothers Tsarnaev as Damaged Goods

Honestly, even on Fox & Friends Weekend on Saturday morning, Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade referred to the Brothers Tsarnaev as "boys."  Boys?  The dead Tsarnaev was 26-years-old.  The captured Tsarnaev is 19-years-old.  One was a man, the other a younger man, if a distinction is needed.  Both were cold-blooded killers - that would be murderers of women, a boy (a real boy: eight-year-old Martin Richard), and a MIT law enforcement officer (an MBTA Transit Police officer was serious wounded).  The Brothers Tsarnaev's bombs maimed scores of others, including Martin Richard's sister, whose leg was sheared off, and mother, who suffered traumatic brain injury.  The carnage was sickening enough that TV networks refuse to show it due to its graphic nature, though we can see all sorts of blood and gore on a show like AMC's the Walking Dead.  Why not show the real thing?  Why not let Americans see the full, horrible impact of terrorism -...(Read Full Post)