Beppe Grillo calls for march on Rome in response to 'coup d'état' (updated)

Today Beppe Grillo's  crypto fascist movement in Italy declared a popular revolt,  using Grillo's weblog and twitter. Grillo's Five Star Movement now controls a plurality of the votes in the Italian parliament.

Grillo's stated goal is to raise flash mobs to march on the Quirinale Palace in Rome, the target of Mussolini's victorious march of 1925.

Notice the carefully posed "heroic" photo of the Joker, Beppe (Joseph) Grillo.

Here is his statement.


"There are decisive moments in the history of a nation.

Today, April 20, 2013, is one of those. Italy is in a coup d'état.

The enemies of change are willing to do anything. They are desperate.

They decided to keep (President) Napolitano .... Four people ... met in a living room and decided to keep Napolitano...

 "... even in the darkest moments of the Republic there has never been an opposition so clear, so shameless between presidential Palace and citizens.

(Grillo's Five Star Movement) is the hope of a new Italy.

It is above all parties and incorruptible.

We are therefore dangerous to the parties.

Beppe Grillo is calling for demonstrations in Rome.

In Piazza Montecitorio we expect to recover the stolen goods! 

This was announced on Twitter by the 5 Star Movement of Rome.

The Five Star Movement alone cannot change the country. We need a popular mobilization.

I will be before the House (of Parliament) tonight. We will remain for as long as necessary.

We must be millions. Do not leave me alone or with four cats. More I cannot do.

Today we will have a democracy or die as a country."


When Benito Mussolini stormed Rome in 1925 with his fascists, he stopped off at every train station to call up his allies in Rome. The big question: whether King Victor Immanuel had ordered the arrest of Mussolini already. 

The King never acted, and when il Duce arrive in Rome the government of Italy collapsed. To be followed by decades of Mussolini dictatorship, culminating in the alliance with Hitler, just in time to lose the war. 

Beppe Grillo's imitation march on Rome has now been stopped, it seems. Mussolini used newspapers and radio to mobilize his partisans. Grillo uses the web, facebook and twitter, just like the phony Arab Spring in Egypt. 

Fortunately, Grillo has been stopped. So far. 

First: The million-member demonstration Grillo called for in front of the Parliament in Rome was blocked when the cops and military blocked the major streets going to the Piazza Montecittori. 

Second: Grillo's march idea was smacked down by the other political parties, including respected journalists, and even 88-year old President Napolitano, who reluctantly agreed to stay in office to help maintain stability. 

Third: The international media --- in the US, UK, Germany, and elsewhere --- caught a very bad smell from the past. 

The Italian and European crisis is hardly over. Even Grillo the Joker isn't over. Almost nothing has been solved. 

Grillo and his ilk will rise again, and with a vengeance, if the poorer half of Europe continues to live in despair. 

The economic crisis has come from decades of massive misrule by the European ruling class, which has a slight "democracy deficit,' as the EU likes to say. European voters are just not asked for their opinion when it comes to the EUSSR. 

As a result, Europeans can't throw the bums out, no matter how bad they get. 

That is the root problem in Europe, and cryptos like Grillo and the new ruler of Hungary Viktor Orban are exploiting the resulting suffering among ordinary people. The Italian economy has started its third genuine recession in four years. 

Still, Italy has dodged one bullet. 

Let's hope Europe can fix itself soon. 

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