Stemming the Tidal Wave

Lost amid all the discussion and demagoguery of so-called immigration reform is the foundational proposition that immigration policy should be based on what is good for the nation and not for those seeking, either legal or illegal, entry into a country. Why does the United States, and much of the Western world, instead embrace an open door policy which allows far too many who do not seek to assimilate or contribute to the well-being of the host country to enter? In this era of political correctness and collective national guilt, this question cannot be asked without the usual accusations of xenophobia and racism geared to shut down all debate and the public discussion of uncomfortable questions. However, as an undocumented, albeit legal immigrant, who has watched the nation that greeted me with open arms pursue a self-defeating immigration policy, I can no longer remain silent regardless of the invective of the American left. A major failing of far too many Americans is the inability...(Read Full Post)