Should John Walker Lindh Pray Five Times a Day?

John Walker Lindh, a traitor to his country, is not joyous about his conditions in federal prison.  Despite his national betrayals, he wants to be able to pray together five times a day with his Muslim brothers.  The prison has already allowed him three-times-a-day compulsive praying, but he is now insisting on five. When I was in federal prison for two years, I used to be sickened by religious convicts -- both the Jews and Muslims.  We hurt others; why should we be given kosher food and benefits? It should have been part of our rehabilitation that we weren't special and did not deserve particular treatment.  I was a prisoner, you were a prisoner, and Lindh is a prisoner.  Prisoners are there because they broke the rules.  They deserve nothing.  Religion is not a phony excuse to get treated specially.  It seems that prison administrations feel that religion rehabilitates and therefore should be encouraged....(Read Full Post)