President Tinfoil of Italy?

This is getting silly.  One tinfoil-hatter in politics might be funny.  Two sounds like a cult.  But three is enemy action.

What are we talking about?  The tinfoil-hatters running Italy's biggest new political party -- or "movement," as they like to call it  -- Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement.  Nobody knows what "Five Stars" stands for.  It's a secret.  (See our previous columns for details and source links.)

El Lider Supremo, former clown Beppe Grillo, tells his 8.5 million voters that the Masons and the Illuminati, the "Jewish Rockefellers" and the Bilderbergers run the world and are therefore responsible for all of Italy's problems.  Which are really bad today.

Grillo is a classic tinfoil-hatter.  (He's also a hater, along the lines of Europe's most dangerous politicos.)

Just one mad hatter sounds like nothing much to worry about -- except that Grillo's party got one percent less of the vote recently than Mussolini did in 1922.

Grillo is now going for 100% of the vote, he says.  It could happen by June.  Mussolini only got 65% the second time around, but then he didn't have to have another election for twenty years.  Sixty-five percent is just as good as 100% for dictators.  Hitler never received a majority.

The second oddball in Italy today is Grillo's close buddy Casaleggio, called the "Guru," who runs a big web business.  Guru believes in World War III exploding seven years from now in 2020 and wiping out 80% of humanity.  But don't worry, because perfect internet democracy will then break out around the world, with everlasting peace for all the survivors of the nuclear war.  It's all explained right on Casaleggio's website.

Guru gets all this from Berkeley science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, who was a great writer but occasionally schizophrenic.  Guru and Grillo take Philip K. Dick to be a kind of prophet of the new Armageddon, just seven years from now.

Call Grillo's Guru our Tinfoil-Hatter #2.

These two run the Five Star Movement that now holds the balance of power in Rome.  They received only a plurality of the vote, but with a dozen different parties competing, their 24% gives them the biggest leverage in the Lower Chamber and the Senate.

Grillo and Guru may therefore determine who will become president, the head of state of Italy.

Here is the latest story: we have a third aluminum foil nominee for president of Italy, a famous prosecuting judge named Ferdinando Imposimato.  Mr. Imposimato is a big wheel in the Italian judicial system, having prosecuted some very nasty characters in the past, including the infamous killers of President Aldo Moro.

Mr. Imposimato is a respected prosecutor, but he also believes that Italy is secretly run by the Masons, the Bilderbergers, and the Black Terror.  (Black Terror was a real neo-Nazi terrorist group from the 1970s, whose members are now either dead or in jail.)

What's more, the possible next president of Italy is also a 9/11 Truther.  He is convinced that 9/11 was a put-up job by President George W. Bush, the CIA, and the Israeli Mossad.  The purpose?  To make war on Iraq and Afghanistan.  Why kill 3,000 human beings in Manhattan to make war on Iraq?  Umm...well...make up your own reason.

But wait! There's more.

Copycat tinfoilers are now launching power-grabs in Hungary (Viktor Orban), Albania (Spahiu), Turkey (Erdoğan has been there for 10 years), Greece (Golden Dawn), Germany (Pirate Party), Kosovo, and France (National Front).  (See our previous columns for details.)

This is too much of a coincidence for us.  One tinfoiler is a joke, two is a cult, but three is enemy action.  What's going on?

We don't know, but this could be one of those Madness of Crowds moments in history, like the Tulip Bubble.  Or it could be coordination by some trouble-making outfit.  The Soviet KGB used to pull stunts like this in Europe during the Cold War.

One mad hatter in politics might be a joke.  Add a dozen more and you get a comedy troupe -- or possibly a little Iranian/Saudi peddling.

All of Europe's new "crypto" (hidden)-fascist parties are amazingly similar.  They tell their followers about the free money that sharia banking supposedly hands out.  All seem to hate Israel and America.

Alcoa must be selling lots of aluminum wrap in Europe.

But European political madness has led to the biggest world threats in the last 100 years: World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.

Kaiser Wilhelm was a mad hatter, and so were Hitler and Stalin.

Mention Italy to the average American, and he thinks of pasta sauce and Danny De Vito.

Maybe we should be thinking about Mussolini and the beginnings of fascism in the 20th century.

We are just  reporting the facts.  Check them out, please.

What does it all mean?  It can't be a coincidence; that's for sure.

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