President Tinfoil of Italy?

This is getting silly.  One tinfoil-hatter in politics might be funny.  Two sounds like a cult.  But three is enemy action. What are we talking about?  The tinfoil-hatters running Italy's biggest new political party -- or "movement," as they like to call it  -- Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement.  Nobody knows what "Five Stars" stands for.  It's a secret.  (See our previous columns for details and source links.) El Lider Supremo, former clown Beppe Grillo, tells his 8.5 million voters that the Masons and the Illuminati, the "Jewish Rockefellers" and the Bilderbergers run the world and are therefore responsible for all of Italy's problems.  Which are really bad today. Grillo is a classic tinfoil-hatter.  (He's also a hater, along the lines of Europe's most dangerous politicos.) Just one mad hatter sounds like nothing much to worry about -- except that Grillo's party got one percent less of the vote recently than Mussolini did in...(Read Full Post)