President Obama: Class warrior

A very good article by Jonathan Martin and John Harris at Politico on Obama's class warfare. You don't see this too often in major media, and their analysis of the GOP response is spot on. There was nothing especially subtle about the way Barack Obama played the politics of class resentment against Mitt Romney in 2012. "My opponent," Obama brayed in Virginia Beach last fall, "thinks that someone who makes $20 million a year, like him, should pay a lower [tax] rate than a cop or a teacher who makes $50,000." And there was nothing especially mysterious about the reason: Class warfare works.   That fundamental reality of the Obama years -- that the president won a second term in large part because he gave new life to an old brand of class-based politics -- continues to echo six months later as the dominant factor shaping American politics this spring, as the parties slog through the latest fiscal fight. Both parties are in the midst of intense and far-reaching debates about...(Read Full Post)