Obama's Chicago crony capitalists target the 'little guy'

The utter cynicism of the Obama inner circle, if the media ever chose to reveal it to the American public, would stun those who think that Obama stands up for the "little guy." When it comes to paying for electricity, the Chicago cabal that thrust a former back bencher in the Illinois state senate into the Oval Office in the span of three years hjas a long and continuing history of squeezing money from hard-pressed households who have no choice but to pay up or see the lights (and refrigerator and television) go out. From Andrew Evans at the Washington Free Beacon: A Chicago-based power company with ties to the Obama administration faced questions about its ties to Obama officials Tuesday morning at a shareholders meeting. A representative for the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), a Washington-based think tank that holds stock in utilities company Exelon Corp., attended Exelon's shareholder meeting and asked CEO Chris Crane about the company's relationship to...(Read Full Post)