Maduro is the real loser in Venezuela

What a lousy morning.  The 6am alarm went off and I heard on the radio that Maduro had won the election - 50.7% of the vote. Maduro now faces two insurmountable problems: 1) Capriles and the opposition have not conceded.  They shouldn't.  There is evidence of fraud all over. My friend Daniel Duquenal in Venezuela has been reporting minute by minute about the election. He will join me later today on the radio. Let's hope that Jay Carney waits a few days before he claims that Maduro won.He killed the opposition last October when he put the US behind the results. 2) 50.7% is no mandate, as Pres Obama learned in November.  Venezuela faces a long list of very serious problems and having "Chaviztas" steal the election won't fix them. Venezuela is suffering from chronic power outages.  Just ask anyone who lives there.  My parents have friends in Caracas and the lights go out so often that it is a joke. The infrastructure is...(Read Full Post)