Korean Cyberwarfare Update: Leaving The Keys In The Car

Korean news source Chosun Ilbo reports that "An official (South Korean) investigation has concluded that North Korea was behind a massive cyber attack that paralyzed the computer networks of broadcasters and banks on March 20." The "fingerprints" (IP addresses) of North Korean computers were found all over, at least 1590 times. The targets of the attacks were banks and news websites, including a prominent anti-North Korea conservative website. A shadowy North Korean cyberwarfare unit, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, was assumed to be behind the attack. What the Chosun Ilbo article did not do is confirm the suspicions of some commentators that North Korea has created its own Stuxnet, the alleged complex computer "worm" developed jointly by the United States and Israel to infect computers in Iran. The exact level of expertise of North Korean cyberwarriors has not been nailed down by reports of last month's attack. The article reports only that "malware code... using six or more PCs...(Read Full Post)