Italian Presidential Candidate is Bilderberg Believer

If you think the inmates have taken over the asylum in American politics, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

By now the European press has caught on to the Beppe Grillo phenomenon in Italy, the rise to power of ex-Joker Grillo and his centrally controlled Five Star Movement, which now wields the biggest plurality in Rome. Grillo peddles paranoid fantasies from the Twilight Zone, but now he has real power. Imagine Louis Farrakhan as Senate Majority Leader in Washington, DC, and you get the idea.

Grillo's new candidate to be Italy's head of state is a magistrate named Ferdinando Imposimato. Here is the news item from the news site Articolo Tre:

Imposimato says Bilderbergers increase strategic tension."

The presidential candidate believes there is a real shadowy conspiracy behind all of Italy's troubles: "the Bilderberg group, the Black Terror and the Masons.

Now the Black Terror was an actual terrorist group in the 1970s, at the same time the Red Brigades killed and bombed in Italy. While the Reds Brigades were radical communists, the Black Terrorists were apparently neo-Nazis.

That was real enough, but those people are dead or in jail.

Are Masonic Lodges running Italy from some shadowy cave? Do the Bilderberg meetings, which are big and public, provide are a good place for world-controlling plotters to meet? They could use email instead.

There is now plenty of evidence in the public domain that Grillo and his Guru are about as qualified for high office as Daffy Duck. Dr. Impositamo makes three.

Italy dominates the Mediterranean strategically. It has 61 million people, many very highly educated. Italy also has a long, long history of extremely bitter warfare, just like the rest of Europe. The Sicilian mafia started out as a guerrilla group centuries ago.

Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement has close ties to other dubious political parties in Europe, as we have documented. A newly powerful Grillo now is in touch with the French National Front, a party with an unsavory past.

Europe needs genuine reform, but it does not need conspiracy theorists running the place. Yet as we have shown, almost every shadowy new party in Europe is run by such people.

Ordinary people in Europe are feeling frightened. Economic despair is spreading. Now hungry vultures are circling weakened societies over there.

Americans have their own worries. But Europe has started three great world conflicts in the last 100 years.
We do not need another plague breaking out in the Old World. Neither do they.

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