Germany's Feelings Hurt, Europe Trembles

A Youtube video produced by the European Union's (EU) parliament has created controversy in more ways than one. While offending German national sensibilities, the video also called into question the commitment of the European Parliament (EP) and other European governmental entities to open debate about the often interrelated themes of Islam and immigration. Underlying questions remain even after the EP's recall of the video. The conservative German website Politically Incorrect (PI) notes that the video in question was one of three online public service advertisements (PSA) promoting EP activities. Two of these videos are still available at the EP's official website. One English-language video titled "The European Parliament Working for Equality" addresses issues of women's equality with a female coffee shop barista simultaneously trying to perform a second job as a call-center operative. The other French-language video subtitled in English is titled "The European Parliament...(Read Full Post)