Departure of Palestinian prime minister leaves Obama peacemaking in tatters

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has called it quits.  His resignation has been accepted by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  And with Fayyad gone, the Obama administration has suffered a huge setback in its peace-making efforts -- a quixotic undertaking to begin with.  Now there definitely is no serious or even halfway dependable Palestinian leader left with whom to kick-start negotiations. Fayyad, with his Western finance credentials, was the latest Washington hope for resumption of peace talks. Twenty-four hours before Fayyad and Abbas officially parted ways, Secretary of State John Kerry telephoned Fayyad in a last-ditch effort to get him to rescind his resignation.  Kerry implored Fayyad not to go.  It proved futile. This is a bitter pill for Kerry to swallow.  But he only has himself to blame.  Self-delusion never has been a promising foundation for genuine peace-making Following up on President Obama's recent trip to Jerusalem...(Read Full Post)