Being Black at Philly Magazine's Town Hall Meeting

In writing about the violent and lawless subculture among Black people in Philadelphia, Philly Magazine's writer Bob Huber made two unforgivable errors: one, he noticed the trend and two, he used the W-word (White). Unlike the travesties that occur in the Black community, this "Being White in Philly" article couldn't go unpunished. Consequently, in an attempt to offset the resulting tsunami of anger, Huber's editor called for a town hall meeting at Philadelphia's Constitution center. Ironically, this public meeting was taking place in a building that was established to explore and celebrate the most important piece of paper in history... and now it is ground zero for the "Being White in Philly" article. Go figure. I got there early to secure a front row seat. Right away, it was clear that many attendees had not read the article. They refused to accept the article's premise, which implies that Philly is a lousy place for Whites because they can't talk about the crime and violence that...(Read Full Post)