No Paid Sick Days for City Workers

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has agreed to a bill that gives a million New York City workers five paid sick days.  Why?  Is it too much of a hardship for a city worker to take a couple of days off and pay for it himself?

Why don't we give city workers a walking marathon day in which they get to walk twenty-six miles in order to improve their health?  Why don't we pay for their dietetic lunches so that they can avoid obesity?  Why don't we put beds near their desks and allow them to take healthful naps?

Are our city workers so dull that they can't plan a budget around the possibility of missing work for five days?  Are they so careless and simple that they live on a fiscal edge?

You'd think that they'd be ashamed to accept the gift of five paid sick days.  You'd think they'd say, "I'm sorry that I didn't take better care of my health and that I can't show up for work.  Don't compensate me.  I will take care of it, and I will take care of myself better in the future."

These city workers are being paid by us.  It's time they stopped taking and started giving.  If I miss a day of work, I don't ask someone I don't know to chip in and compensate me for my illness.  There should not be a pot of gold in the sky that compensates the temporarily and possibly infirm for their inability to show up at work.

I am so tired of giving something for nothing that I think that nothing is all that complaining city workers deserve.  I don't want my taxes to rise in relation to Christine Quinn's purchasing votes for mayor.

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