A new phase of combat in the language wars?

We are at a very interesting point in the conservative awakening, following the trauma of the 2012 presidential electoral defeat. Many conservatives have grasped one of the key lessons of the Progressive takeover of the media and academy: the ability to define the terms of discussion wins political battles. We now discuss "gay marriage" instead of "marriage redefinition" or "marriage transformation," for instance, because the media has made that term the familiar norm. I think we are going to see an active pushback on the left's latest offensive to redefine the language for discussing violators of our border wars: demonizing the expression "illegal immigrant."  AP, the single most pervasive supplier of news content, has already dropped the expression. The next step is to brand those who use the term as "racists," of course. Eager to jump-in and get some airtime on the subject was Geraldo Rivera (the onetime Jerry Rivers), appearing on Bill O'Reilly's show. Mediate reports: ...(Read Full Post)