Corrupt federal prosecutors escape even a slap on the hand

The prosecutors of Senator Ted Stevens who, by unethically hiding exculpatory evidence form him and other unprofessional conduct, got him removed from office in time to allow the Democrats to steam roll Obamacare through Congress, have now avoided even the most minor punishment for their acts:

The writer known as bgates would have rewritten the Anchorage Daily News article to read like this:

"In a controversial move which some have likened to the freeing of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers on a technicality, an administrative judge has overturned the suspensions of two federal prosecutors who were found guilty of professional misconduct in the famously botched trial of Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska."

"Senator Stevens had been a public servant for six decades beginning in World War II until his career was destroyed by rogue Justice Department officials Joseph Bottini, and James Goeke. The Senator, a father of six, endured a trial during his last Senate campaign in 2008; the charges against him were dismissed due to serious professional misconduct, but only after he had lost the election. Stevens died less than two years afterward."

""I think it's a travesty", said Janet S of the nonpartisan Women for Integrity. "These guys only got a slap on the wrist in the first place for destroying the career of a father of six who spent six decades in public service beginning in World War II, and now they face no consequences at all. President Obama is in charge of the Justice Department, and I'd like to know what he's going to do about it?""

President Obama could not be reached for comment on this story."