Our 'We don't give a damm' First Family

The image is horrific:  The White House is closed to little kids, the children of taxpayers, but the First Family keeps on traveling paid for by the same taxpayers. Where is the editorial about priorities?  Where is the question at the presidential news conference?   Better than that, where is the Democratic US Senator calling on the "First Family" to stop it? What would the media be saying if "the traveling president" was a Republican from Texas opposed to abortion & same sex marriage? The point is that President Obama and  family don't care because our news media has not forced them to care. President Obama is surrounded by a bunch of people who tell him what he wants to hear and a news media in the business of hero worship rather than journalism. How else do you explain their lifestyle at a time when we are releasing illegal aliens and threatening to cut back on government services because of the sequester? This is so "over the top" that...(Read Full Post)