The President Who Can't Shoot Straight

Millions of us out here in flyover country have long been of the opinion that Barack Obama is not a straight shooter. This weekend he proved it. During the White House Easter Egg Roll, the handlers gathered the kids around the half-court to watch the Prez, whom the press has led us to believe for several years now is quite skilled in the game, shoot some free-throws and layups.

Bad move, handlers. Much to the dismay of all those who have worked so hard to create this faux image of our chief executive as a skilled athlete (skeet-shooting comes to mind) it became apparent rather quickly that this Prez can't shoot straight. Out of 22 attempts, the Prez managed two, count 'em, two, baskets. Hell I'm a 72 two year old white guy who, like all white men, can't jump, and I'd bet some solid money I can do better than 2-22.

Know what I think? He choked. After missing the first couple in front of his young audience, he became so unnerved he lost his cool and flubbed the rest away. Other than providing those of us not among his admirers with something to chuckle about it, adds to the mounting evidence that this guy is not, and never has been genuine in any way, merely a construct of the liberal media and the Democratic political machine. As we have long held, he's a lightweight in over his head and trying to perform above his limited capacity in both politics and basketball.

"So what? The guy got rattled," will say his supporters. Don't know about you but in this very dangerous world, I'm not real happy about strategic, command decisions being made by a commander-in-chief who gets rattled when his short-comings become obvious to a bunch of kids on an Easter Egg Roll. You tell me that Putin the Stud isn't sitting there in the Kremlin chuckling as he watches the ever-repeating video loop of our hapless commander-in-chief proving the myth of his vaunted athletic skills for a world audience. And there have to be scores of Republicans on Capitol Hill thinking, "See, we told he's not a straight-shooter!" Kim Jong Un is probably sitting in his war room in Pyongyang thinking, "Hell, I can whip that wimp!"

They, Putin, Kim and a whole lotta folks out here in flyover country and around the world have to be thinking that instead of spending a weekend trip to Florida to pick up golfing tips from Tiger Woods, the Prez could have better spent that time in Miami with LeBron James, learning some basics. One also can't help but wonder if this lackluster performance might not be a portent of what's to come in B-Ball Barack's second big tournament: lots of dribbling, trash talk and flashy shooting, but minimal scoring.

It's becoming ever more obvious, with every week that passes, that to the watching world Barack Obama is the Prez who can't shoot straight.