Young Moroccan 'Apostate' on The Arab Spring and Islam

The invaluable blog Gates of Vienna, has translated the Die Welt interview of a thoughtful, courageous 22 year-old  Moroccan "apostate" from Islam, Kassim al-Ghasali.  Requisitely threatened with death because of his openly professed rejection of the Muslim creed, al-Ghasali fled Morocco in February, 2011, and now lives in exile in Switzerland Young Mr. al-Ghasali's perspicacious-and brutally honest-insights on the Arab Spring, and Islam, validate what I contended back in 2005 comparing the Muslim apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali to various "moderate Muslims," championed by conservatives at that time, in the US.  Apostates, free-thinking human beings born into Islamic societies, but till now, deprived of their basic rights, and as a corollary, crushing any spur to meaningful change in Islamdom, represent the only hope, if there is any at all, of transforming totalitarian Islam. Die Welt: What do you think of the so-called "Arab Spring? Can you discern positive...(Read Full Post)