Why Obama will be dead weight for Democrats in 2014

Good artilce by Alex Isenstadt in Politico on why Democrats will try to distance themselves from President Obama in 2014.

Almost all the competitive House races are in GOP-leaning districts where Obama's name and agenda are not very popular:

To net 17 seats and flip the chamber, Democrats have to win predominantly on GOP turf, in districts that Mitt Romney won and where Obama and his agenda are unpopular. A number of Democrats made clear in interviews that the more partisan posture Obama has adopted over the past few months -- particularly on cultural issues like gun control, and to a lesser extent on immigration and gay marriage -- is making an uphill slog that much steeper.

"I think the tone coming out of the White House ... could probably be more conciliatory," said Jim Graves, a Minnesota Democrat who nearly knocked off Rep. Michele Bachmann last year in a suburban Twin Cities district where Obama barely eclipsed 40 percent.

Graves, who's girding for a rematch against Bachmann next year, added, "There's no question -- Obama has taken a fairly liberal tack in his second term. But I'm not here for the president. I'm here for the people of the 6th Congressional District."


Arkansas Democratic state Sen. Bruce Maloch said he's considering running for a House seat that tilts heavily Republican. But he, too, is worried about the opposition tying him to a White House that has pivoted left since November.

"I'm an Arkansas Democrat," Maloch said. "I would probably not go as far as the president on some of those issues."

Just imagine how toxic Obama will be once Obamacare is implemented.

Republicans won't be in much better odor with the voters but will have the advantage of not being responsible for a weak economy and far left agenda that is going over so far like a lead pipe. Obama stayed away from local races in 2010 and we know how well that worked out for the Dems.

The fact is, it's not going to matter whether they embrace Obama or keep their distance. They are stuck with the guy for the duration.

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