World's First Nanoassault Rifle

The crafting of imaginary weaponry by children out of various objects is a phenomenon that has been occurring worldwide for many centuries. The traditional stick or finger has always been one of the more popular "weapons" of choice, but today's high-tech child is much more imaginative, bringing about such dangerous treats as the Pop-Tart assault weapon. Unfortunately though, in today's PC world, it appears to no longer be acceptable for kids to have a little fun and act like -- you know -- kids. I've always had a love for science and an extreme dislike (to be politically correct) for political correctness, so my son's latest science project presented an opportunity to have a little bit of fun tinkering within both arenas. I still remember back more than twenty years ago when IBM scientist Don Eigler became the first person to manipulate individual atoms and create Big Blue's logo, using thirty-five Xenon atoms. His work was the inspiration for my son's latest school science project --...(Read Full Post)