More misleading polling on same sex marriage

You may have seen the headlines blaring that Catholics support gay marriage 54 to 38%. Turns out those numbers are based on anyone who calls themselves Catholic not practicing Catholics.

Some might ask what difference that makes; well a non-practicing Catholic is like a pork eating Orthodox Jew, not truth in advertising.

Among Catholics who actually practice their faith the numbers are 55% opposed to redefining the thousands of years old definition marriage to please the 2% of Americans who are gay while 38% are all right with going against the 2000 year old teaching of their faith.

Interestingly enough, of the 14 questions asked in this Quinnipiac poll only the gay marriage one wasn't broken down by practicing vs. non-practicing Catholics.

It looks like Quinnipiac is following
Pew in publishing results of polls on religious belief that distort the actual polling numbers.

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