Why Peter Beinart is Wrong

Peter Beinart of the Daily Beast writes "The younger Bush may be flirting with a run, but for a Republican to seriously compete in 2016, he must publicly distance himself from George W. Bush -- and in five interviews Sunday, Jeb showed he wouldn't do that if he could." Mr. Beinart argues "No Republican will enjoy credibility as a deficit hawk unless he or she acknowledges that George W. Bush squandered the budget surplus he inherited. No Republican will be able to promise foreign-policy competence unless he or she acknowledges the Bush administration's disastrous mismanagement in Afghanistan and Iraq." Mr. Beinart is obviously continuing with the "Dem Narrative" that Bill Clinton inherited a bad economy from Bush 41. Then came George W. Bush and made a mess that Obama is working so hard to clean up. But the fact is Bush "squandered" the Clinton Surpluses because while Clinton inherited from Bush Sr. an economy producing 225,000 jobs per month thus hiking government revenue, he left...(Read Full Post)