Patriots Must Be Prepared to Answer Obama's Lies and Deceptions

Mary and I were sitting at dinner with a couple of liberal friends whom we had not seen in several years.  They were aware of my involvement in the Tea Party.

Spontaneously, the man, with his date nodding in agreement, went into a rant about how Republicans are mean and should stop blocking government from doing what government is supposed to do.  This couple is pretty intelligent.  But clearly, they are clueless low-info voters -- the man an admitted subscriber to the liberal blogosphere.

Though his argument was emotion-driven and brain-dead, I was not in the mood to spar with him about how Obama's and the Democrats' agenda is destroying our country.  In other words, I blew it.  I thought, "I did not come here to argue. I am going to simply change the subject and enjoy my sushi."

However, I did mentally slap myself around a bit.  Patriots, we cannot allow liberals to spout their stupid rhetoric without sufficient comeback.  We must be armed and dangerous with facts and the truth.

A wise man said, "Half measures availed nothing."  The time has passed for being concerned about making waves or losing friends.  The stakes are far too high.  America is at risk.

As my mom would say when she was angry and on a roll, "And another thing!"  I am sick and tired of conservatives/Republicans allowing themselves to be put on the defensive.  Upon every opportunity, we must reveal what Obama and his Democrats are doing to hurt Americans and expose their hypocrisy.

For example: the sequester.  Obama attempted to use the sequester to force Republicans to raise taxes again.  Folks, in simplest terms, whatever activity you tax, you get less of.  And low-info voters wonder why there are no jobs.  Reagan lowered taxes, which sparked more commerce, which produced growth in revenue to the government.  Along with confiscating as much wealth as he can get away with, Obama believes that the tax code should be about punishing achievers and controlling behavior.  Assisted by the media, Obama sells his perverted definition of "fairness" to low-info voters.

Anyway, Obama knows that the mainstream media usually acts as his personal public relations firm, eagerly selling his lies to the public.  So Obama gave a list (really a hostage list) of all the painful things that he would be forced to cut as a result of those mean heartless Republicans refusing to raise taxes on their rich buddies.

To sell his lie, Obama despicably used and dissed America's kids, claiming that the sequester had forced him to close down the White House tours.  Well, Mr. President, before you close the White House to America's kids, how about cutting the following?

Obama stubbornly refused to cut Washington spending $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.

The Government Accountability Office revealed that more than half of federal employee upgrades to business-class flights are not properly authorized, costing taxpayers $146 million a year.

In 2008 and 2009 alone, Obama's Department of Justice spent $121 million on conferences for government employees.

A Senate audit exposed $18 billion in egregious government spending.

And do not even get me started on U.S. taxpayers subsidizing mosques overseas.  Hillary Clinton signed a check for $770 million from the U.S. State Department's USAID program to rebuild Egyptian mosques...not to mention sewer systems.

There you have it, folks.  I have shared only the tip of the iceberg of outrageous wasteful government spending.  So much for Obama's shameful, bogus claim that the sequester caused funds to be so tight that he was forced to close down White House tours.

As I stated, patriots must be ready to answer Obama and company's lies with facts.

Here is another Team Obama deception designed to exploit (fool) low-info voters.  Team Obama (his administration, Hollywood, Democrats, and the mainstream media) wants to ban guns -- repealing the 2nd Amendment.  So they call semiautomatic rifles "assault weapons."  Well, the truth is, there is no such thing as an "assault weapon."  A semiautomatic rifle fires only one bullet per trigger pull.  It is not a machine gun.

Low-info voters simply regurgitate Team Obama lies and deceptions.  Patriots, when low-info voters confront you with absurd rhetoric, such as the idea opposition to gay marriage is equal to racial hatred and that ObamaCare is free, will you be armed with the truth?

I strive daily to put my trust in God and keep my powder of truth and facts dry.