Patriots Must Be Prepared to Answer Obama's Lies and Deceptions

Mary and I were sitting at dinner with a couple of liberal friends whom we had not seen in several years.  They were aware of my involvement in the Tea Party. Spontaneously, the man, with his date nodding in agreement, went into a rant about how Republicans are mean and should stop blocking government from doing what government is supposed to do.  This couple is pretty intelligent.  But clearly, they are clueless low-info voters -- the man an admitted subscriber to the liberal blogosphere. Though his argument was emotion-driven and brain-dead, I was not in the mood to spar with him about how Obama's and the Democrats' agenda is destroying our country.  In other words, I blew it.  I thought, "I did not come here to argue. I am going to simply change the subject and enjoy my sushi." However, I did mentally slap myself around a bit.  Patriots, we cannot allow liberals to spout their stupid rhetoric without sufficient comeback.  We must be...(Read Full Post)