President Obama needs to start governing rather than whining

Seventy-two hours after the "sequester" and the sun is still shining, the Rangers are down in Arizona and there is something called The World Baseball Classic that I am not following much.  My point is that the world did not end last Friday at midnight and even The White House is scaling back the doom and gloom. However, something else is happening and Democrats & President Obama better pay attention.  There are now tangible signs that carrying Obama's water may be a thing of the past.  It may be that even liberals have now seen enough incompetence, failure to lead and double talk from this White House. Bill Keller (New York Times) came out over the weekend with a column that will surprise Republicans and shock "the Obama cultists".  The title is "Obama's fault" and there is disappointment all over: "And the president? For weeks he has been playing the game political scientists call "Fireman First." That's when scaremongering politicians threaten to cut...(Read Full Post)