New Facebook Child Abuse Guidelines

There are millions of social media soldiers lurking out there and recently one of them uncovered a "shocking" Facebook photo of a child holding an "assault rifle." A prompt phone call to the proper authorities ultimately resulted in the attempted "rescue" of said child by CPS and several armed police officers. But why stop there? As we march "Forward," there are a host of other scenarios where children (and the community) need to be "saved" from the torments of bad parental decision making. As nanny Bloomberg says: "I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom." Facebook could certainly help this process by putting forth some new child abuse guidelines. Let's start with two groups of separate categories that would likely produce exactly the kinds of images of children that need to be exposed and reported to CPS. The first group of guidelines would cover weapons, theology, and food (WTF). As in the case of the "assault rifle" above, weapons are a no-brainer....(Read Full Post)