Mr. President: Instead of harming the troops, cut here instead

In the political battle over sequestration, President Obama is jumping full-tilt into a scorched-earth tactic: eliminating tuition assistance for the Marines and Army.  Instead of using the troops for dishonorable political ends, the president should look to a recent op-ed and interview by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), who outlined billions in cuts the president could look at to eliminate wasteful spending. First from the op-ed, options abound: Federal dollars were spent to study "how cocaine affects the reproductive habits of Japanese quail" at a cost of $181,000. Fourteen point eight million dollars is spent on unemployment checks sent to millionaires. Senator Coburn says he sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood outlining $1.2 billion in savings that cover the alleged $600-million shortfall two-to-one -- a shortfall Secretary LaHood claims will cause flight delays. Senator Coburn points out that the Transportation Department has $34 billion in funds lying...(Read Full Post)