The World's most Dangerous Gas

Climate alarmists say that man is heating the globe by producing carbon dioxide. They cite evidence of "man-made global warming" (MMGW) everywhere.

Having a heat wave or a bush fire? That's claimed as clear proof of MMGW.

Giant snow storm or deadly deep freeze? Blame MMGW.

Dreadful droughts, frequent floods or a super cyclone? More proof of MMGW.

From polar bears in the Arctic, to corals in the Great Barrier Reef, to frogs in the rainforest, we are told that MMGW threatens everything on the planet.

Every bad weather event is now cited as proof of the dangers of man's addition to the vast atmosphere of a tiny trace of this harmless, invisible, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-polluting, gas-of-life.

The demon carbon dioxide is now blamed for everything bad. Climatists claim that its warming power outweighs the might of the variable sun, overrides the endless natural cycles of warmth and cold, and smothers the weather caused by Earth's oceans, clouds, storms and volcanoes.

If a tiny trace in the atmosphere has such power, carbon dioxide is surely "The World's most Dangerous Gas".

Yet, with every breath, we produce this deadly gas in far greater concentrations in our lungs.

With all that CO2 inside us, we are surely in danger from heat-stroke?