Mark Kelly's Woes, Pt. 2

Mark Kelly, former astronaut, spouse to Gabby Giffords, and co-founder of the anti-gun organization called Pay Attention to Us, Inc., or something similar, has been having a rough couple days. No sooner did he curtail his daughter's bulldog's rampage against the shore life of California than it was announced that he'd been turned down by a Tucson gun dealer in an effort to buy an AR-15. According to news reports, this refusal was triggered by Kelly's plans to turn the gun over to "a police department" after he'd demonstrated how easy it was to purchase an "assault weapon." Well, best-laid plans. Kelly either forgot, or didn't know, or didn't care that it's illegal under federal law to purchase a firearm for a third party, which, in effect, is what he was doing. It's unclear at this point whether he stated his plans on Form 4473 or falsified the document. Either way, it would be seem that he's liable to prosecution. Of course, it's unlikely that Kelly, being who he is, will ever face...(Read Full Post)