Looks Like A Job For Marco Rubio

Good news finally in Latin America- Hugo Chavez is dead. This will trigger a special election 30 days hence, and one hopes his successor will either want, or be forced, to end Venezuela's absurd subsidies to Communist Cuba. If that happens, the Castro crime family will have little choice, but come to the United States and beg for trade and investment, lest the country collapse. President Obama and his Secretary of State must not be allowed to let bygones be bygones, and forget about free elections and political prisoners. Whenever the Castro brothers get into big trouble, like with what is coming now, they threaten a refugee crisis, as they did in the 1980 Mariel Boatlift and as they talked up in 1994. But we should treat any such threats this time around as an act of war. There is no Soviet Union to protect the Castro regime, or even a functioning Cuban military worthy of the name; its air force is largely grounded and its navy sits rusting at dock. At the moment of truth, all...(Read Full Post)