It's time for Uncle Sam to eat his arugula.

Referring to Obama's rejection of Republican offers to give him flexibility to choose which programs to cut under the sequester, Gene Sperling said this on ABC's "This Week:" "It's like telling someone you can cut off three of your fingers, but you can have the flexibility to choose which ones you want to cut off,"

His analogy is woefully inaccurate by suggesting first that the cuts would result in a thirty percent loss of fingers and second that the cuts would entail the cutting of vital body parts like fingers crippling poor Uncle Sam.

A more accurate analogy would be a 650 pound Uncle Sam eating more and more of tax payer resources every day and being told its time to go on a diet and lose some of the useless fat that makes him morbidly obese before he drops dead with his face in the through.

Republicans are offering to let him choose what he gives up, the Bon Bons, Twinkies, or the Fried Bacon Butter Burger.  Michelle would approve.  He can still eat his arugula. "Let's Move."


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