Florida Senate committee blocks Medicaid expansion

A Republican-led Senate committee in Florida has handed Governor Rick Scott a stinging defeat when they voted 7-4 not to expand Medicaid coverage for the poor. New York Times: Rebuffung Gov. Rick Scott's support of Medicaid expansion, a Florida Senate committee on Monday rejected the idea, all but ending the possibility that the state would add more poor people to Medicaid rolls. But the Senate panel debating the expansion proposed a compromise: to accept the federal money but use it to put low-income people into private insurance plans. Accepting the money would please the governor and a number of Floridians, while steering people away from Medicaid, which many lawmakers and residents view as troubled. The committee vote to reject a Medicaid expansion under President Obama's health care overhaul was 7 to 4, with Democrats voting for the expansion. Last week, a Florida House committee voted to reject Medicaid expansion altogether, saying that the system was broken and...(Read Full Post)