End of life decisions should not be second guessed

All day yesterday the FOX news network went after the nurse in California who refused to perform CPR on an 87 year old woman at an assisted living facility, a nurse who had the misfortune to have her refusal broadcast nationwide endlessly by FOX News right up to the point where I write this at 11:00 pm Eastern Time. Breathlessly assuming that they knew best, too-highly paid talking heads, from Shep to Greta, proclaimed to the world, that they knew more than the nurse extant on the ground dealing first-hand with the situation. To me, this smacks of some military medical service officer thirty miles in the rear of the actual ground combat screaming over the radio at a medic as to how to treat a wounded soldier. It is oh so easy to be self-righteous and certain when you observe from a safe distance. I spent almost ten years in a non-profit, community hospice organization back when we were trying to convince the medical community of the worth of the concept of palliative care and the need...(Read Full Post)