Deepwater Horizon -- Another Holder Coverup?

The trial regarding the assessment of fines for environmental offenses due to the BP Oil Spill has started and some trends have emerged. Federal, state and local governments are all looking to maximize their windfalls from the fines that will be assessed. Since the fact that significant environmental damage took place is indisputable and some fines will need to be paid, the arguments are focused on deciding who is responsible for what fraction of the overall amount, how big will the fines be, and which government entity will get the money. The private-party claims have largely been settled with most being subject to the class-action settlement. Some of the private claims are not yet resolved because they are subject to resolution over a period of time that has not yet ended, the claims of oyster fishermen being a prominent example. The court has established a time frame for scientific surveys to determine if the fishery will recover after proper documentation of loss. The decision...(Read Full Post)