Chutzpah! The unlikely austerity advocacy of the Obama administration

The Obama administration is pulling the tail of the Chinese dragon in a most unlikely way: posing as symbols of modesty when it comes to personal consumption as office holders. John Chin of the Wall Street Journal reports: U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew took time out Tuesday afternoon to dine at the Bao Yuan Dumpling House a restaurant near the U.S. Embassy, popular among expatriates and locals alike for its extensive selection of colorfully wrapped-and reasonably priced-jiaozi, or boiled dumplings. Total outlay for Mr. Lew and two of his Treasury colleagues: 109 yuan, or around $17.50. While the Treasury secretary no doubt has eaten his fair share of richly priced meals, his cheap lunch in Beijing earned no shortage of applause along with a few raised eyebrows on China's top Twitter-like microblogging platform, Sina Weibo. (snip) News of the modest meal comes amid a Communist Party crackdown on outward evidence of the opulent lives led by Chinese officials and follows other acts...(Read Full Post)