Democrats better at talking about immigration reform than doing it

We've learned a couple of things this month about Senate Democrats:

1) They passed a budget based on tax increases rather than any serious cost-cutting;

2) Obama-Care is a first class mess and the repeal is actually starting with Democrats who will have to defend their vote in the 2014 election.  The infamous medical device tax has just been "repealed" by the same people who passed it in 2010; 

3) Democrats do not have the votes to pass an "assault weapons ban". Of course, these are the same Democrats who cheered President Obama at The State of the Union speech; and, 

4) Senate Democrats are once again coming to terms with the reality that immigration reform requires the "guest worker visas" that Big Labor hates.

The Wall Street Journal reminded us today that the Democrats are always a lot better at making immigration reform promises than actually delivering a solution:

"We understand the political imperative, and these columns have favored liberal (in the 19th-century sense of that word) immigration policies since before the current crop of Republicans was born. But a shrunken, bureaucratic guest-worker program that lets unions define job openings and determine wages is worse than the status quo. It won't help the economy but it will guarantee that illegal immigrants keep coming. Then in 15 or 20 years Republicans can enjoy debating what to do with another 11 million illegals who want a path to citizenship."

I don't know about you but I find all of this awfully similar to then Senator Obama killing McCain-Kennedy in 2007 with that "poison amendment" about guest worker visas. 

Let's not forget the Dorgan amendment to McCain-Kennedy from 2007, or the Democrat "let's carry the water for the labor unions" bill supported by then Senator Obama.

The Dorgan Amendment, again supported by Sen Obama, killed "guest worker visas" and GOP support.    It dashed any hope of passing serious immigration reform.

We seem to be in the same place in 2013. 

Once again, Senate Democrats are getting pressure from labor unions about the number of workers that they intend to "legalize".

It's the same old movie that we've seen for almost 50 years, since the Democrat party canceled the "brasero" program, or the only realistic immigration reform that we've ever had in modern history.

The Democrats are "the great fraud" of immigration reform. 

Unfortunately, Hispanics in the US keep voting for the people who tell them what they want to hear but then don't deliver after the election.

The "no se puede" Democrats are about to choose Big Labor over Hispanics again!  

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