Barack Obama's Great Redistributionist Lie

Our President, Barack Obama loves to make a speech. To be perfectly honest, it's the only thing he is any good at (assuming, of course, the presence of his trusty teleprompter, otherwise all bets are off.) But in all of his speeches has anyone ever heard Mr. Obama vilify the young for not paying their fair share? From day one President Obama has made the case that "the rich" don't pay their fair share. I guess the rub is how one defines "the rich."  I've made the case in the past that the last thing Mr. Obama wants is for the really, really rich to pay anything at all, much less "their fair share."  The more taxes they pay, the less they have left to donate to Mr. Obama's campaigns and causes.  And both they and he understand this perfectly. I'm not saying Mr. Obama invented political corruption, only that he's much better at it than anyone we've seen in a long time. But let's get back to the tax issue. From the Congressional Budget Office: "Specifically,...(Read Full Post)