DoD refuses Purple Hearts to Fort Hood survivors; cites trial risks

I am not following the Pentagon's "logic" in this matter - probably because there is a severe lack of it.

This is the reason they are citing for not granting Purple Hearts to the survivors of Major Hasan's terrorist attack:

"The Army objects to (the proposal) because it would undermine the prosecution of Major Nidal Hasan by materially and directly compromising Major Hasan's ability to receive a fair trial. This provision will be viewed as setting the stage for a formal declaration that Major Hasan is a terrorist, on what is now the eve of trial. Such a situation, prior to trial, would fundamentally compromise the fairness and due process of the pending trial," the document said.  

It continues: "Moreover, the effect of such an act by Congress would be to deprive the victims of these crimes the right to see justice done."

By calling Hasan a terrorist this will prevent him from getting a fair trial? What kind of nonsense is that? I suppose we shouldn't have expected anything else from bureaucrats who referred to the attack in the first place as "workplace violence."

Or is it something else?

But Sher said the Army's legal arguments that such a situation prior to a trial would fundamentally compromise fairness and due process are especially troubling given the Holder Justice Department wanted to prosecute the self-described architect of 9/11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-conspirators in a New York City federal court.

"Seriously? We could try KSM no problem, but helping out Hasan's victims creates due process problems?" Sher said.

Sher said the Fort Hood families he represents in the federal suit find it hurtful that DOD would now claim "such an unprecedented action would thwart the real and lasting measure that will bring closure to the grieving and harmed victims and families -- the trial itself."

While the document claims "the Government has vigilantly tended to the needs of the victims and families since the tragic events of November, 5 2009," Sher said the facts show the Army has failed to live up to its creed that no soldier will be left behind.

The Defense Department did not immediately return a request for comment from Fox News.

The Pentagon is setting a precedent for the next instance of "workplace violence" that happens at an army base. Hasan is a terrorist. He committed a terrorist act. By its very nature, a terrorist attack turns wherever the attack takes place into a battlefield. During the Fort Hood attack, we had soldiers suffer wounds that deserve to be recognized as being inflicted on a battlefield.

It really isn't more complicated than that - unless you are a brass hat with orders to downplay anything that smells of terrorism lest the co-religionist perpetrators of that act suffer unduly.