53% see Iraq War as a mistake

That's the headline but is this the real story? Gallup has been polling on this question for 10 years and as recently as 2008, 63% of Americans believed the war a mistake. That number has now fallen to 53%. That's the lowest percentage of people believing the war was a mistake since late 2004: The March 7-10 results mark the first time Gallup has asked this question since the full withdrawal of American troops in December 2011. Although majorities or near-majorities have viewed the conflict as a mistake continuously since August 2005, the current 53% is down from the high point of 63% in April 2008. This week marks the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war. Though the engagement has now come to an end, this seminal event in recent American history still looms large in the national political consciousness. In his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama highlighted the end of the war, stating "a decade of war is now ending" and, more recently, Sen. John...(Read Full Post)