Biden Press Office Apologizes for Forcing Reporter to Delete Photo

Just imagine if VP Cheney's office had accosted a reporter at public event and demanded that a photo be deleted from the reporter's camera. It would be the lead story on every MSM outlet, offered as proof of the rising tide of fascism. Yet such an incident happened last week with VP Biden, and virtually no mention of it can be found in the mainstream media.

The Capital News Service reports:

Vice President Joe Biden's press secretary apologized to a Capital News Service reporter and the Philip Merrill College of Journalism Wednesday after a press office staffer demanded the reporter delete photos taken at an event in Rockville.

The reporter, a credentialed member of the press who is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, was covering a domestic violence event featuring Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin.

The apology came shortly after a formal complaint was filed with the Vice President's press office by Lucy A. Dalglish, dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. Capital News Service is a student-staffed news service operated by the college. (Read Dalglish's letter)

"This was pure intimidation," Dalglish said, adding that "it's clear from the circumstance that the journalist did nothing wrong."

Biden Press Secretary Kendra Barkoff would not speak on the record with Capital News Service. A message left for Dana Rosenzweig, the staffer who asked that the photos be deleted, was not returned.

Dalglish said Barkoff apologized to her and Capital News Service reporter Jeremy Barr in separate phone conversations.

The Obama administration is demonstrating contempt for the media -- the very media which have been so slavish in their support of the president, downplaying the negative, ignoring many stories which could hurt Obama, and ensuring that the recent re-election effort was not derailed by the Benghazi scandal, which continues to unfold thanks to Sen. Graham and Catherin Herridge of Fox News, principally. In return for their subservience, the media is treated with contempt. Just look at the escalating snark dealt out by Jay Carney when difficult questions are asked about the cost of presidential golf outings and the like.

The lesson should be sinking in, but so far, only a few brave MSMers like Bob Woodward are catching onto the game in which they are the patsies. The very fact that this incident has been deep sixed by editors all across the country is evidence that the fix is still in and ore contempt - from the American public - is on the way

Hat tip: David Paulin

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