WaPo gives Hezb'allah Terrorist Killings the Chamberlain Treatment

Hezb'allah is a terrorist group with a global reach. Except for al-Qaeda, it has murdered more Americans than any other terrorist group. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Bulgaria, after a lengthy and exhaustive investigation, found ample evidence to conclude that Hezbollah was behind the killing of five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver in the seaside resort of Burgas last year. Both the United States and Israel have designated Hezb'allah as a terrorist organization. However, the 27-member European Union, true to Neville Chamberlain's legacy, has declined to do so, citing Hezb'allah's political and social activities in Lebanon. By taking a soft approach, European leaders probably hoped that Hezb'allah would perform its bloody deeds elsewhere. But any such expectation now has been shattered by the terrorist killings in Bulgaria, a bona fide EU member. And while both Washington and Jerusalem immediately urged the EU to follow their example and finally use the "T" word for...(Read Full Post)