U.N. advocates ethnic cleansing, Jews and Jerusalem are the target

The U.N. Human Rights Council has built a predictable pattern of Israel-bashing for some time.  In fact, Israel is the only country that is automatically on the agenda of every council meeting.  Over the years, the council has issued more resolutions about suspected Israeli human rights violations than by all other nations combined.  Its bias is beyond redemption. So it comes as no surprise that its latest report hammers Israel's presence in East Jerusalem and the West Bank -- the "Occupied Palestinian Territories" in the council's lingo.  The report focuses on Jewish "settlements," whether in East Jerusalem or in the West Bank. In addition to claiming that Israel inflicts human rights violations on Palestinians in both areas, the council goes a big step farther this time and demands an immediate withdrawal of all 520,000 Jews now residing in East Jerusalem and the West Bank -- not just an abandonment of "settlements," but a total withdrawal of "settlers." Here's...(Read Full Post)