This Time it's One of Theirs

A rogue cop in California has gone on a killing streak, publishing a manifesto declaring himself a supporter of virtually everything liberal in America but outside the law. This renegade officer used a firearm to kill two innocent humans because of their collateral relationship to his own career failures. These were killings of retribution to get back at the parent of one of the victims who apparently had insufficiently represented the killer in a police competency hearing. The killer subsequently killed a cop who was pursuing him. So will we hear cries from the left to disarm the potential perpetrators of such mindless mayhem? Will we hear op-ed pieces as to why all these cops are allowed to go armed amongst a helpless civilian population? Two things come to mind with the first being that the perp has published his manifesto in which he condemns every aspect of conservatism while effusively praising virtually everything liberal including the networks who should, if they were...(Read Full Post)