A Real Solution

Following the tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school by a mentally disturbed individual, the political left has pursued gun control with renewed vigor. In addition to an 'assault weapons ban' the left has called for universal background checks. Unfortunately the proposed programs are a canard and amount to little more than a national gun registration program. Gun rights advocates know from history (and experience) that registration is the first step in any gun confiscation program and have vigorously opposed such suggestions. 

A better course of action for gun rights groups is to propose a better system, one that protects individual liberties and can't be used as a back door registration program. In recent polls there has been strong support for a "universal background check" so it's important to put these suggestions on the table before the anti-gunners put their programs in place (too late for New Yorkers). Here is one such plan;

Every state issued drivers license or ID must contain 3 items. 

1. A stamp or text that identifies the holder of the ID as qualified/unqualified to purchase a firearm.
2. A stamp or text that identified the holder of the ID is a US citizen/Non citizen.
3. A number & website for any person to verify that the license is still valid.

This allows any seller to verify quickly if a buyer is qualified. It utilizes already in place ID verification systems and data bases. More importantly it does not discriminate, every person that gets a state ID must have a background check and have their citizenship verified. Using already in place ID system also means that there are mechanisms in place to revoke or change the status of an ID quickly. Should someone be adjudicated incompetent their IDs can be updated quickly.

The law closes the so called "gun show loophole" whereby private individuals can sell firearms to each other without a background check. Now the seller can ask for an ID, call the number on the back and they will have performed a background check. The system doesn't just apply to people selling firearms. The state IDs can quickly and easily be verified to tell if a person is eligible to vote or if that ID provided with a personal check is valid. It also gives the law enforcement officer a bit more information about who they are talking to when they look at a drivers license.

It's not hard to come up with a program that won't violate our liberties while still helping us enforce current laws. A state ID program like the one outlined above puts valuable information directly into the hands of the people, where it can do the most good.